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Mont Blanc Chamonix Course with a Mountain Guide

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Several mountains in preparation to climb Mont Blanc.
There is today a significant and a general fall of success for the Mont Blanc courses due to the excessive marketing and due to the lack of progressively for the mountaineering activities.
For the safety, for a good pourcentage of the success, for a good acclimatisation, the preparation course is obligatory for all.
If you haven't a basic  high mountaineering experience with a few alpine snow summits above 3500 meters, an intro course for high mountaineering is essential.
For beginners without significant experience, a 10 days course is possible. (4000 meters peak course or mountaineering course plus Mont Blanc Course).

Despite the commercial speech, not everyone is becoming in 3 day a mountaineer being able to summit Mont Blanc..

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Mont Blanc is not just a walk it is a mountaineering trip that demands determination, hardiness, an excellent physical condition and ability. The conditions are harrowing.
Factors affecting summit attempts are the rapid weather changes, the rock falls that occur on the way up to the Gouter refuge, and avalanches or ice falls which may occur whilst crossing 3 mountains, which can prohibit the ascent
There's no such thing as zero risk on the Mont Blanc.
4810 = 50% of your physical capacity
It's often minus 10 at the summit, and with wind chill factor sometimes lower.
The altitude is tiring, more so above 4000 and sickness can occur if the body is not acclimatised enough.
Above 4000 it is another world. If you have never experienced this altitude, you cannot know your reaction, as it is dependent on genetic factors.
The uphill is long, the downhill even more. Due to fatigue or whether your guide might decide to abandon the attempt and the decision needs to be respected for your security. The guide is reasonable.
Refuges are often full so it's best to reserve in advance.
If the conditions are bad, or the mountaineers are insufficiently prepared, another summit will be attempted.

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Mont Blanc Course

To increase your chances of success and your ability at altitude it is necessary and indispensable to prepare both technically and to acclimatise. A minimum of 6 days is needed, 7 days perfect as it allows for better planning according to the weather.
The first days are taken up with crampons techniques at altitude and allow you to get used to walking roped up and with an ice axe. It is important during this initial stage, to acclimatise well, and avoid long and arduous activities, which may tire you out, and compromise your ascent of Mont Blanc. If the conditions are good at the end of the course an attempt in 2 or 3 days can be made [3 days can be changed for those who want do it faster]


Previous mountaineering experience is a huge advantage 4000 meters peak course  or mountaineering course
Begin today and well before your first ascension start getting fit [running, biking, walking, skiing, and climbing.

 Click here for Info about Mont Blanc Course
Because of the conditions of the mountain, the level of the group and others, the guide could organise a different planing.
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