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Snowboard in the Vallee Blanche why is it important to have a good level?

The vallée Blanche on snowboard

The Vallee Blanche is not the most convenient route on snowboard in Chamonix. However we guide often sonwboarders in the Vallee Blanche

Why is it necessary to have a good level on snowboard?
In the vallée blanche  there are a few flat sections and a few traverses where it's very important to loose altitude the least as possible .
This is most difficult on snowboard.
For traversing a few flat sections, you must be able to keep speed and control, to anticipate and to analyse correctly the glacier for avoiding the crevasses.
How could it be easier? Wax as welll as possible your board for the temperature of the snow and have telescopic poles.
The snowboarders are obliged to ride on a steeper route than the classic Vallee Blanche like Envers du Plan for exemple.
Because of this, it's not possible to mix intermediate skiers and snowboarders, this is unmanageable.
The intermediate skiers will be confortable on the classic route of the Vallee Blanche  where it will be too flat for snowboarding.
Snowboarders will be OK on a steeper toute of the Vallee Blanche like Envers du Plan but it will too difficult for intermediate skiers. Take care....If you are an intermediate snowboarder there many easier routes for nice snowboarding with a guide in Chamoniix. Even on glaciers.