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Vallee Blanche tomorrow depending on the conditions?

Snow and weather conditions
-The weather would become better from tomorrow afternoon.
Avalanche risk 3.

Chamonix ski conditions

Snow conditions in Chamonix Mont Blanc
vallee blanche mont blanc guide
-We are waiting for one meter of snow for the next 3 days.

Vallée Blanche cable car- 9000 feet in virgin snow

-Two descents from the middle station of Aiguille du Midi-Vallee Blanche.
2350 meters-> Chamonix 1000 meters.

Touring Vallee Blanche

-1 meter of snow at the end of the glacier of the Vallée Blanche.
600 meters of ascending on skis after taking off snow in different properties in Chamonix.

vallee blanche tuesday?

-Will we go on the vallee blanche tuesday?
Yes, if the snow is more stable and if the weather is fine.

Chamonix lifts off

-All the lifts are closed in the Chamonix valley today, bad weather, high avalanche risk.
Only Les Houches is on.

Avalanche risk in Chamonix

-Cancelation: the risk of avalanche is too high. Grade 4 below 1800 meters. Grade 5 above 1800 meters.
We have decided to cancel the skiing for this week end.

Avalanche risk 4 -> 5

-Beaucoup de neige en  montagne pour les 2 prochains jours, Les transports de la neige par le vent seront importants et la prudence est recommandée pour les prochains jours.
Altitude  1000  : 0,3 mètre de neige

Snow down to Chamonix

-It's snowing in Chamonix this morning. One meter again for the rest of the week.
When the weather will be good again, we will have a look for checking the conditions on the glaciers.

Vallee Blanche report

-A few pictures of the last part of the Vallee Blanche after the end of the glacier of the Mer de Glace.
One meter of snow in extra is necessary for skiing the Vallee Blanche.
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