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Snow falls starting again in Chamonix

vallee blanche chamonix ski guide
Next powder skiing even on sunny slopes in preparation this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow. But the sky was blue on Courmayeur side.

Ski aux Grands Montets, Pas de Chèvre

La foule des skieurs ayant quitté Chamonix, quelques belles descentes des Grands Montets s'imposaient. En haut aux Rognons ou dans la Face le vent a laissé une neige douce et lissée, plus bas c'est toujours poudreux.Plus de photos/more pictures

Chamonix backcountry, Grand Envers

A lot of powder snow for Gareth and James who snowboarded Vallee Blanche today, before riding Pré du Rocher. Excellent on skis also.More pictures/plus de photos

Oural and Moscow in Vallee Blanche

We choiced Moyen Envers for this team in their ski visit to Chamonix. Snow packed from the wind on top, good for snowboarders and good skiers. It remains definitely some powder as you can see on photos here/photos ici.

Neige poudreuse dans l'Envers de Vallée Blanche

Vallée Blanche Chamonix ski guide

In Chamonix is Vallee Blanche

Nelly and Roman are from Mexico, they have higher mountains but they choiced to ski in Chamonix with a guide. The wind blew in Envers, it remains powder. Rognon on top, link with classical route through right side of petit rognon.Pictures here/Photos

Powder and sun in Petit Envers of Vallee Blanche

1st day Chamonix installed a rope on the Aiguille du Midi ridge, allowing bigger teams to ski the Envers routes. As these 3 british boarders and 3 skiers for a long ride ending in Chamonix through a couloir among trees.More photos/plus de photos

Soleil et nuages en Vallée Blanche

A Chamonix aujourd'hui les conditions pour le ski sont comme souvent sublimes.

Grands Montets, great ski !

Neige à Chamonix

Nouvelle poudreuse pour cette nouvelle année de ski, Vallée Blanche excellente !
New snow for more powder in this new Chamonix ski year !
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